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    Registered Charity No. 1191613

  • What We Do

    Our Aims and Mission

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    Who Are We?

    Boys Are Born Men Are Made

    Welcome to Manhood Academy Global (M.A.G). M.A.G is a registered Charity with a global reach that is committed to our children’s life-changing transformation opportunities.

    Our unique ‘rites of passage’ is a fusion of;

    • Transformative Master classes
    • 121 Intensive Life Coaching and Mentoring

    A life-changing, ‘Coming of Age’ rites of passage Cultural Exchange Abroad

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    The Mission

    Our Why

    The world is transforming at an alarming rate, sometimes it is impossible to keep it.


    According to the Office for National Statistics Men account for 8 out of 10 people cautioned by the police, and nearly 9 out of 10 people found guilty for indictable offences are men. Men are responsible for 97% of burglary and 92% of violence against the person.


    It is clear that we are living in a society where something awful is happening to men. There seems to be a gap between manhood and adolescence and our mission at Manhood Academy Global is to address that gap by helping our sons make that transition from childhood to manhood.


    "If you do not initiate the boy into the village he will burn it down just to feel the warmth" African saying


    Our Vision ‘Building Responsible Leaders of Tomorrow for the World of Today’


    Our Mission To nurture, through a ‘Rites of Passage program, The evolution of our ‘Boys to Men’ through social, emotional, economic and spiritual guidance, under the wings of M.A.G.

  • Enrol Your Young Person Now!

    PRE TEENS (8-12Year Olds) | TEENS (13-19Year Olds)

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    (13-19 Years Old)

    Teens Only | Manhood Sessions | Wednesday Nights

    Sessions take place every Wednesday Evening @

    The Edge Youth Hub, 7 Woodberry Grove

    Finsbury Park London N4 1SN

    (First Two Weeks Free)

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    (8-12 Year Old)

    Pre-Teens Only | Saturday Morning

    Sessions take place every Saturday Morning


    CALLING ALL 8-12 Year Olds 

    Time: 10am Start (arrive 9.50am) - End 1pm

    (First Two Weeks Free)


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    A dynamic 8-12-Week Youth Leadership Initiative designed to equip young people with life-saving skills, including mental h ealth first aid, emergency response, & conflict resolution. Engage in thought-provoking workshops, interactive discussions & unforgettable trips, creating pathways to new opportunities and empowering you to make a positive impact in your community."

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    The Parent (Carer) Advocacy and Empowerment 12 Week Project (Funded by Young Brent Foundation)

    Step into a transformative journey that goes beyond parenting programmess! Here, we recognise that, beyond survival, the fundamental human need is to forge deep and meaningful connections. At MAG, we firmly believe that fostering these connections is crucial for families navigating the complex challenges of raising young people—ranging from critical incidents to child criminal exploitation, child labor, and gang involvement.


    Acknowledging the immense pressures families face in nurturing the next generation, our programme is dedicated to arming them with the essential tools to tackle these challenges head-on. We're not just offering a programme; we're building a platform that empowers individuals facing similar struggles. Together, we'll create a supportive community where shared experiences become the foundation for collective strength and resilience. Join us on this empowering journey! #ParentAdvocacy #EmpowermentProject #BuildingConnections



    At MAG We Are Currently Recruiting MEN To Help Us And Our Mentoring Programme. Help Us Save Lives

    Click >> HERE<< To Complete A Expression Of Interest Form

  • Join Our Amazing Team

    Current Openings - Mentors

    Amazing Video About Mentoring

    We are keen to recruit amazing people to help us support young boys and their journey into Manhood.
    CLICK HERE to view the Job Descrition
    Mentors save lives, literally
    If you are interested please complete our EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM.
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    We are keen to recruit amazing people to help us support young boys and their journey into Manhood.
    CLICK HERE to view the Job Descrition
    If you are interested please complete our EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM.
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    We are keen to recruit amazing people to help us support young boys and their journey into Manhood.
    CLICK HERE to view the Job Descrition
    Mentors save lives, literally
    If you are interested please complete our EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM.
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    My Life Matters - Don't Wait for Blood

    Local schools and youth centres will take part in this unique and powerful campaign that exposes teenagers to Mental Health First Aid, Emergency First Aid, Understanding your Rights, Resolving Conflict and Understanding Self Defence. We believe that our young people are powerful beyond measure, the future has been entrusted to them but with power comes great responsibility.

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    Sign this petition and help us grow the narrative. We must do all we can, no one else will do it for us. Download our brochure here

  • Media Coverage

    Check Out Our Work In The Public Eye.

    BBC iPlayer


    This is My Life: Boys To Men shines a light on the very real issues facing teenage boys in London, as they learn how to navigate through the challenging transition from boyhood to manhood.



    BBC News feature

    London Live / Sky 117 (18.6.2017)

    London Live interview about our work in the community.

    The Voice Newspaper


    Boys are born, men are made.

    The Guardian Newspaper

    How a Gambian manhood ceremony helps turn London boys into men

    HUCK Magazine

    The Manhood Academy where boys become men Pivot Points: Stories of Change

    CNN International

    Knives and gangs: What's driving Britain's broken boys to crime?

    CNN International

    Knives and gangs: What's driving Britain's broken boys to crime?


    (Search for Boys to Men on BBC iPlayer)

    Boys to Men tells the story of 3 promising teens, striving to overcome the challenges and dangers in their environment. Reuben, Leon and Micah are members of Manhood Academy Global; a community based program that provides mentorship and empowers young men who lack positive male role models. In this film we follow their journey, both literally and metaphorically as they pack their bags and head out of London with other members of the group for a stay in a place way out of their comfort zone. For one week, they leave the familiarity of their postcodes and go back to basics during a stay in a cabin located deep inside the New Forest in Hampshire.


    Through the eyes of three young members and their peers, we experience this transformative experience first hand as we watch them confronting their fears and working together as a team to overcome hurdles. The tests on the journey are taken directly from Gambian ‘Rites of Passage’ teachings and adapted to the boy’s surroundings as they work towards their final test. By the end of the intense week, the boys will have gone to places and done things that they never imagined were possible. But as with their daily reality in London, they will be faced with disruptions and heart-breaking news from back home that puts the challenge to better themselves and escape the negative cycle into perspective.

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    Our Website & Brand Has Been Cloned

    We are sorry to inform you but our website has been cloned. We are sadden by this criminal act. If you come across any other version of Manhood Academy please message us. As a result of this WE HAVE RE BRANDED.

    OUR NEW LOGO is above.


    Remember - We no longer use our old logo that spelt the word Manhood Academy in bold lettering.


    MAG is the rebrand, Manhood Academy Global.


    If you are insure please email us - This matter is being resolved.

    If you have any concerns please contact the CEO Davis J Williams

  • Meet The Team

    We've got a top notch team!

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    Colin Lovelace

    Senior Leadership Team

    Your Skills - Empathetic, understanding, Logical, Solution focus, Consistent and Grounded


    Why MAG
    I joined MAG to see if I could make a difference to a young person’s life. I didn’t quite know what to expect so I was anxious, especially as I have not done this type of work before. I have help raise 4 children of my own and without really noticing I have also help raise many children, such as my Nieces, Nephews, my friends children. It’s amazing what impact you can have on a young person just by being there for them, being honest and also consistent. Is not an easy task, but the rewards far outweigh the work.

    My role on MAG is a Coach or Facilitator, who assists with the running of the workshops and programmes. I also sit on the senior leadership team to help with the making of decisions for the organisation. I also help to oversee the Finance team. I have also plan some of the external activities for the Young Masters, such as Paint-balling, Roller skating and Boxing.

    Favourite Quote
    "Your background and circumstances may have influenced who you are, but you alone are responsible for who you become”


    In Closing / Final Words
    I feel a great sense of achievement knowing that I have helped a young person get through something challenging by giving the tools to problem solve or navigate their way through difficult life

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    Emma Platt

    Senior Leadership Team

    Your skills:

    Idea generation, implementation, streamlining, problem solving.


    Why MAG:

    Being part of MAG gives me an opportunity to pour into supporting our young people and their parents in a meaningful way. Together we can change lives and rebuild the community.


    I think the MAG work is so important, and I take the responsibility very seriously.


    Favourite Quote:

    “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” - Maya Angelou


    In Closing / Final Words:

    I believe our young people need our support not our condemnation (they get enough of that). We need them and they need us!












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