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    Who Are We?

    Boys Are Born Men Are Made

    Welcome to Manhood Academy Global (M.A.G). M.A.G is a registered Charity with a global reach that is committed to our children’s life-changing transformation opportunities.

    Our unique ‘rites of passage’ is a fusion of;

    • Transformative Master classes

    • 121 Intensive Life Coaching and Mentoring

      A life-changing, ‘Coming of Age’ rites of passage Cultural Exchange Abroad

    The Mission

    Our Why

    The world is transforming at an alarming rate, sometimes it is impossible to keep it.


    According to the Office for National Statistics Men account for 8 out of 10 people cautioned by the police, and nearly 9 out of 10 people found guilty for indictable offences are men. Men are responsible for 97% of burglary and 92% of violence against the person.


    It is clear that we are living in a society where something awful is happening to men. There seems to be a gap between manhood and adolescence and our mission at Manhood Academy Global is to address that gap by helping our sons make that transition from childhood to manhood.


    "If you do not initiate the boy into the village he will burn it down just to feel the warmth" African saying


    Our Vision ‘Building Responsible Leaders of Tomorrow for the World of Today’


    Our Mission To nurture, through a ‘Rites of Passage program, The evolution of our ‘Boys to Men’ through social, emotional, economic and spiritual guidance, under the wings of M.A.G.


    Youth Worker

    We are looking for someone amazing to help us ENERGISE our sessions, influence change, make some positive noise, create life changing programmes for our youth, arrange and attend meetings and be apart of our movement. If you are interested send us a VIDEO telling us why. Full INSTRUCTIONS in the Job Description below

  • My Life Matters - Don't Wait for Blood

    Local schools and youth centres will take part in this unique and powerful campaign that exposes teenagers to Mental Health First Aid, Emergency First Aid, Understanding your Rights,
    Resolving Conflict and Understanding Self Defence. We believe that our young people are powerful beyond measure, the future has been entrusted to them but with power comes great responsibility.


    Sign this petition and help us grow the narrative. We must do all we can, no one else will do it for us. Download our brochure here


    Please See Below For All Of Our Programmes, Products, Services, Courses and Events

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    MAG on BBC


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  • Our Curriculum

    We utilise the power of animation to teach our students about positive masculinity, self-esteem, identity and behaviour. We decided to avoid traditional routes of teaching because we found it repetitive and outdated.


    Our dynamic approach and unique curriculum allow us to present repetitive and challenging concepts in a new and empowering way.

    We analyse characters such as The Hulk and explore his relationship with anger or Naruto who had unresolved issues with friendships and his parents, being accepted and being misunderstood.

    Cycle 1 - Earth

    Module includes: Core values, health & nutrition, hygiene, law, identity, education, survival skills, values, beliefs, agriculture, goals, commitment, boundaries, passion and purpose.


    This module ensures that our youth have a strong solid foundation. FUNdamentals.


    'A Tree With Strong Roots Laughs In The Face Of The Storm.'


    Cycle 2 - FIRE

    Modules Include: Identifying feelings, conflict resolution, anger management, passion and pain, raw truth, movement, sound, trauma, and fire.


    This module ensures that our youth are aware of the difference between passion and anger and encouraging them to channel this amazing force in the right direction


    "Sky Above Me. Earth below me. FIRE WITHIN ME"

    Cycle 3 - WATER

    Modules Include: Behaviour, transference, healing, meditation, visualisation, movement, calmness


    This module ensures that our youth are aware of coping and behavioural strategies.


    "Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless like Water" - Bruce Lee

    Cycle 4 - AIR

    Modules Include:

    Attitude, elevation, enterprise, legacy, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, chess, mindset, leadership, economics, and prosperity.


    This module ensures that our youth are mentally ready and focused on creating their legacy.


    "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful" Eric Thomas


    Cycle 5 - THE CAVE

    Manhood Academy Global provides challenging cultural learning experiences for young people, enhancing their social and personal development through our rites of passage.


    The final stage is LEGACY. It is here where the young people begin a new cycle. The focus here is leadership, enterprise and social action. To find out more please contact us.

    The Man of the 6 Paths Transformational Model

    We have condensed our cycles and created the amazing Man of The 6 Paths Transformational model. Watch this space

    The School to Boardroom Pipeline

    The School to Boardroom Pipeline is a process through which young people are guided through school towards their desired outcome. In other words, it is a process of self mastery. Please download our brochure to learn more about this amazing opportunity.

  • Media Coverage

    BBC iPlayer


    This is My Life: Boys To Men shines a light on the very real issues facing teenage boys in London, as they learn how to navigate through the challenging transition from boyhood to manhood.



    BBC News feature

    London Live / Sky 117 (18.6.2017)

    London Live interview about our work in the community.

    The Voice Newspaper


    Boys are born, men are made.

    The Guardian Newspaper

    How a Gambian manhood ceremony helps turn London boys into men

    HUCK Magazine

    The Manhood Academy where boys become men Pivot Points: Stories of Change

    CNN International

    Knives and gangs: What's driving Britain's broken boys to crime?

    CNN International

    Knives and gangs: What's driving Britain's broken boys to crime?
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    “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

    Frederick Douglass

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