• About Us

    Welcome to Manhood Academy Global (M.A.G). M.A.G is a community-based company with a global reach that is committed to our children’s life-changing transformation opportunities.


    Our unique ‘rites of passage’ is a fusion of;

    • Transformative Master classes

    • 121 Intensive Life Coaching and Mentoring

    • A life-changing, ‘Coming of Age’ rites of passage ceremony

    Our Challenge

    The world is transforming at an alarming rate, sometimes it is impossible to keep it.


    According to the Office for National Statistics Men account for 8 out of 10 people cautioned by the police, and nearly 9 out of 10 people found guilty for indictable offences are men. Men are responsible for 97% of burglary and 92% of violence against the person.


    It is clear that we are living in a society where something awful is happening to men. There seems to be a gap between manhood and adolescence and our mission at Manhood Academy Global is to address that gap by helping our sons make that transition from childhood to manhood.


    We could be here all day dissecting the issues within our community, issues that seem to be spearheaded by men. Whatever your social standpoint, we cannot stick our head in the sand pretending that there is no problem. There is a massive issue and this issue is having a major effect on society.


    "If you do not initiate the boy into the village he will burn it down just to feel the warmth" African saying

    Our Vision

    ‘Building Responsible Leaders of Tomorrow for the World of Today’

    Through our ‘rites of passage' programme we:

    • Teach our boys about manhood.

    • Expose our young leaders to images of positivity and responsibility.

    • Become more empathetic towards community issues, encouraging them to become active and responsible citizens.

    • Create tangible goals that are related directly to their value system, passions, and expectations.

    • Understand their most powerful weapon is at their disposal; having the ability to communicate effectively is the key to unlock that power.

    • Better understand themselves and the world around them.

    • Understand that with confidence and a powerful sense of self, they have won every battle, even before they have started. We want our young leaders to be balanced.

    • Have a vivid vision of what they want from life and the steps necessary to get there; we want our boys to become unstoppable, focused and iconic!

    Mission Statement

    - To nurture, through a ‘Rites of Passage program, The evolution of our ‘Boys to Men’ through social, emotional, economic and spiritual guidance, under the wings of M.A.G.




    In The Beginning

    They say the lands of Africa are the most fertile in the world. If you plant anything anywhere in Africa it will grow.

    This is something that happened in October 2014, when my daughter Makaylah; who was 9 at the time; and Davis journeyed to Africa, for the first time. Whilst out there, they both planted their essence in Africa. When they returned to the UK from The Gambia, 12-year-old Makaylah, became an author of a book called "My First Trip to The Gambia" Her father, on the other hand, returned with the vision of launching a Rites of Passage experience for young boys, who needed to experience Manhood. Weeks later, the multi award-winning, Manhood Academy for Boys, was birthed by 8 men who shared a single vision.

    "Heal the boy and the man will appear"

    12 Days In The Gambia

    On the eve of Christmas 2018, The Manhood team took 14 teenage Londoners to West Africa, on a historic ‘Rites of Passage’ experience, where they went to experience the same thing as Davis, Makaylah and countless others, who have ~dipped their toes~ set foot, on Africa's fertile ground.

    This rites of passage to The Gambia was historic, life-changing and transformational. Africa had planted its revolutionary seeds of change within the psyche of these 14 teenage boys. We patiently await the harvest.

    Africa also decided that Manhood Academy needed a change too. In fact, it needed a transformation of its own and that transformation will be known as M.A.G.

    Global Impact

    We have decided, to launch M.A.G. This life-changing expansion has been done because we want to further ensure that our children are exposed to a global platform.


    Africa is a continent for the future. Africa and the world are the ideal places for our children, to become not only men but to connect them to the robust and unexplored wealth, that this global platform has to offer.

    We want our children to become ethical leaders, that not only think and act globally but make an impact globally and locally.


    Thank you to all who have supported Manhood Academy for Boys, over the years. M.A.G, now looks forward to developing healthy and progressive relationships, in the months to come.


    What Is Rites Of Passage?

    Manhood Academy Global is built on the shoulders of an ancient tradition termed: RITES OF PASSAGE.

    A time old process of raising students from boys to men in seclusion, facilitated by older men of the community. In antiquity ‘Rites of Passage’ was a prerequisite to manhood on all continents from ancient Africa, indigenous India, native America, Australasia, the Orient and Europe. The tradition of initiating boys into becoming the providers and protectors of the family and ethical citizens has been lost. Mainstream youth culture is a result of rites of passage gone rogue, as young people now find other routes into manhood, a passage that is being dictated by music and mainstream media instead of the men of the community.


    Our Guiding Principles and Values

    MAG's work embodies a set of core values. These values are important because they ensure that each member of our movement, from Trustees, frontline staff, facilitators and volunteers and our young people are required to maintain these fundamentals principles.


    Walk into any one of MAG's programmes and you will see these core values being demonstrated every day. Every aspect of MAG's work, from the support we offer families, to the way we execute our vision is underpinned by these FIVE guiding core values:


    1) Synergy We are outstanding team players, committed to ‘One Vision’ that we are all responsible for. Working in a team is essential, together we are one. The sum of the whole is greater than the parts.


    2) Integrity (responsible for your word and truth) The process of being whole and complete in: principles actions, words, decisions, methods, outcomes and character. We bring the same with us wherever we are, regardless of the circumstance we don’t leave parts of ourselves behind. We don’t have a ‘work us,’ a ‘family us,’ and a ‘social us.’ We honour our word and stand by it every single day.


    3) Transformation Change may not last forever as it keeps evolving or devolving, whereas transformation is a dimensional shift, and once we are transformed there is no question of going back.


    4) Inspiration To move, touch and excite the mind, emotions or spirit to a high level of feeling conveyed through action. Move or stimulate the intellect or emotions to a degree that prompts action, invention and creation.


    5) Introspection The act of self-reflecting, by way of looking inward, to identify challenges and create solutions. An examination of one's own thoughts, emotions and feelings by observing one's own inner state is the principle we live by (Anything I see wrong with you, I will go and fix it myself until the world becomes beautiful).


    These core values articulate and define “who we are” as an organisation. Together, these values underpin MAG's culture. They are our belief system and define our ‘way of being.

    Who Do We Target?

    We work with all young people. We target young people who need support and guidance, regardless of your background. Please contact us for our school's leaflet.

  • "Boys are born, men are made"

    8-12 year old programme

    Boys are Born, Men are Made is a 6-week rolling programme aimed at preparing our boys (8-12 years old) how to navigate through the challenging transition from boyhood to manhood.

    8-12 Years Old (Pre-Teens)

    28th September 2019 to

    16th November 2019


    6 Week Rolling Programme

    Every Saturday Morning from 10am - 1pm


    Download our brochure here



    £90 Per Cycle

    4 Cycles in total

    Bank - Natwest

    Account No - 29806429

    Sort Code - 50 00 00

    Reference - Child's Name

    ENROL ONTO our

    tHE Gift of MANHOOD 'rites of passage'

    The Gift of Manhood 'Rites of Passage'

    13-19 Years Old


    Every Wednesday Night

    6pm - 8.45pm


    1 Year Commitment


    Weekly sessions / Mentoring / Coaching / Family Support / Trip To Africa (T&C) and more


    £60 Per Month. 12 Months in total


    Bank - Natwest

    Account No - 29806429

    Sort Code - 50 00 00

    Reference - Child's Name

    School Programme

    Boys Only, Girls Only, Mixed Sessions

  • The Gift of manhood Rites of Passage for Teens

    (13-19year olds)

    The Gift of Manhood is a year-long programme dedicated to;

    • Introducing our boys about Manhood.

    • Exposing our young leaders to role

      models and mentors.

    • Trip to Africa, cultural exchange 
    • This Award-Winning Programme is a must, please check our brochure for more information 

    Boys are born, men are made


    Boys are Born, Men are Made is a 24-week community programme aimed at preparing our boys (8-12 years old) for the journey ahead. We help them to navigate through the challenging transition from boyhood to manhood.


    Key Features Include

    • Introduction to Earth, Fire, Water and Air modules
    • Developing self-esteem and high expectations 
    • This Award-Winning Programme is a must, please check our brochure for more information. 

    1-2-1 Coaching & Mentoring

    Are you interested in our 1-2-1 intensive coaching and mentoring sessions? Please click here

    My Life Matters Vol.1


    On Saturday 18th May 2019 the Manhood Academy Global launched MY LIFE MATTERS, a unique 1 Day Survival Boot-camp.


    15 specially selected young people were invited to participate in this never seen before boot camp.


    The students received a MASTER CLASS in:-

    1) Krav Maga Self Defense

    ‍2) Stop & Search

    3) Emergency First Aid

    4) Conflict Resolution



    Enrollment is closed but click below to learn more.

    ParentHOOD ACADEMY Centre of excellence (p.a.c.e)

    Parenthood Academy Centre of Excellence (P.A.C.E) is a space designed for parents to connect, grow and learn with other parents/carers. It takes a village to raise a child. P.A.C.E is the fuel behind all of our endeavours.




    Parents / Carers please download our terms and conditions by clicking here 


    We Offer Boys Only Sessions, Girls Only Sessions And Combined Sessions. We Recognise That It Takes A Village To Raise A Child And Schools Are

    Apart Of This Village.

  • Media Coverage

    BBC iPlayer


    This is My Life: Boys To Men shines a light on the very real issues facing teenage boys in London, as they learn how to navigate through the challenging transition from boyhood to manhood.



    BBC News feature

    London Live / Sky 117 (18.6.2017)

    London Live interview about our work in the community.

    The Voice Newspaper


    Boys are born, men are made.

    The Guardian Newspaper

    How a Gambian manhood ceremony helps turn London boys into men

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    The Manhood Academy where boys become men Pivot Points: Stories of Change

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    Knives and gangs: What's driving Britain's broken boys to crime?
  • Earth Cycle

    Module includes: Core values, health & nutrition, hygiene, law, identity, education, survival skills, values, beliefs, agriculture, goals, commitment, boundaries, passion and purpose.


    This module ensures that our youth have a strong solid foundation.


    'A Tree With Strong Roots Laughs In The Face Of The Storm.'


    Fire Cycle

    Modules Include: Identifying feelings, conflict resolution, anger management, passion and pain, raw truth, movement, sound, trauma, and fire.


    This module ensures that our youth are aware of the difference between passion and anger and encouraging them to channel this amazing force in the right direction


    "Sky Above Me. Earth below me. FIRE WITHIN ME"

    Water Cycle

    Modules Include: Behaviour, transference, healing, meditation, visualisation, movement, calmness


    This module ensures that our youth are aware of coping and behavioural strategies.


    "Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless like Water" - Bruce Lee

    Air Cycle

    Modules Include:

    Attitude, elevation, enterprise, legacy, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, chess, mindset, leadership, economics, and prosperity.


    This module ensures that our youth are mentally ready and focused on creating their legacy.


    "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful" Eric Thomas


    Local 2 Global Pipeline

    Manhood Academy Global provides challenging cultural learning experiences for young people, enhancing their social and personal development through our rites of passage in Africa.


  • Download our brochures for additional information

    Boys are Born Men are Made

    8-12 Year Old Programme

    Saturday Mornings

    The Gift of Manhood Teenage Programme

    Wednesday Nights

    Urban Rites of Passage for Schools

    Schools, Colleges Youth Centres etc